My Code

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I am the author and maintainer of signal-authenticator, a linux authentication module that allows multi-factor authentication through Signal.

I am also the maintainer of i3blocks-contrib, a repository of community contributed scripts intended for use with i3blocks. I am also the author of the following blocklets therin:

  • apt-upgrades
  • bandwidth
  • battery
  • disk-io
  • monitor_manager
  • tahoe-lafs
  • usb
  • volume-pulseaudio

Strong Crypto

This site uses (requires) strong modern cryptography. In general, seeing the little lock and "https" in the URL are not enough to know you are connecting to a website securely. In order to maintain maximum compatibility when talking to outdated servers, even modern browsers will give no warning to the user if a website is using completely broken cryptography. Qualys SSL Labs has written a server test to grade a website's https configuration. If a website gets less than an A, you should be worried about trusting them with any sensitive data. This domain received an A+ on 01/04/17.

Tor Relay

I am currently operating the tor relay nicknamed "intfxdx". You can check its status on Atlas. See the official documentation on tor relays for more information. I started running the relay on 01/07/15 and I plan to run it indefinitely.

Mirror of

I am currently maintaining mirror of https and http. I am offering an http mirror (instead of requiring https, like I do for this domain) because many people for whom tor would be of critical importance do not have access to means of connecting securely. The https version is served with a certificate that is valid for, and hence your browser may warn you that something fishy is going on, or that an attacker may be trying to steal your data. Thus, if you choose to download tor from my mirror, I strongly recommend that you verify the PGP signature of any file you download prior to running it. This ensures that even if you do not trust me or my server, you can still be sure your downloads are legitimate.

Onion Service

This site is mirrored as a tor onion service: http://iwjke47bybivwh6i.onion (requires a tor capable browser to view). See the official documentation on onion services for more information. I believe that offering an onionsite version of my website is important because it (1) promotes public awareness of tor and tor onion services, (2) provides background chatter so that activists, free-thinkers, and political dissidents who really need anonymity aren't the only ones hosting onion services, and (3) shows how easy it is for anyone to set up an onion service.

Supported Projects/Organizations

Logoless: Cypherpunks, Panopticlick